Saturday, 15 October 2011

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I started Mr. Cavaliere as a way to inspire lovers of menswear and to explore the history of men's fashion in order to give men the tools they need to define their own style. 

I am constantly inspired by the history of menswear and where it is going today and love interpreting what I see into my own look. However, I feel that not everyone knows how to interpret fashion and make it their own and that men often have a hard time expressing themselves with their own style. In my mind, there is as art to dressing well and that personal style and fashion should be seen as something much more than just the act of getting dressed each day. 

Born in Toronto and being of Italian decent, style has always been around me.  When I was 17 I got a job as a style specialist for a large retailer. Being in such an environment really got me interested in fashion and got me thinking about my own look. Not knowing much about the rules of fashion before I got the job, I was motivated to learn and slowly discovered my own style. By coincidence I managed to get an internship blogging about men's fashion at Bestfan. The experience there allowed me to explore the blogging world and gave insight into an aspect of fashion I had only briefly heard about. I've also recently graduated from the Fashion Arts program at Humber College in Toronto. While studying I learned to combine my love of fashion with business while expanding my knowledge as much as possible. 

One of my most recent accolades was winning the tittle of "Canada's Sharpest Man". It was a contest held by Sharp Magazine and The Bay to find the best-dressed man in the nation. Winning the contest really confirmed that my style was finally starting to take notice on a bigger scale. 

With this blog, I hope to accomplish three things. To Inspire new comers and the fashion-minded with street style photos, runway shots, and my own personal style. To Inform men on new trends and how to understand what's on the runway and last, but not least, to Develop. As I grow and experience different aspects of men's fashion I would also love for the readers to grow with me. Fashion is always moving and so is Mr. Cavaliere.

I hope you love the site and continue to visit!

Yours truly,

Jonathan Cavaliere
Mr. Cavaliere  
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