Friday, 14 October 2011

Varsity Jacket Trend

Over the past couple seasons there has been a strong influence in Preppy and Americana style on the runway thus leading into the return of the ever controversial Varsity Jacket.

When I first witnessed the varsity jacket trend it took me some time to fully adapt to the idea of it. When I picture the varsity jacket I picture an oversized leather sleeved jacket on multiple high school jocks from the 90s, pushing kids into lockers and being the bullies of the school. Tell me if you don’t feel the same! But over these past couple seasons designers have found ways to revamp the once oversized wear-everywhere jock jacket.

What I also like about the jacket is that it can be worn in multiple ways and comes in a variety of different colors and fabrications. Many designers are using the trend as an item for a preppy wardrobe. I feel due to its athletic wear backround it adds a casual spin on even the most formal pieces.

Varsity Jacket - Lacoste 
Shirt- H&M 
Bow tie- Le Chateau
Pleather pants - Zara 
Wingtips- Calvin Klien 

   In the photos above I've paired the Lacoste varsity jacket with a solid black bow tie, a slim fitted white dress shirt, black pleather pants, and black oxford wingtips. Even though all the pieces I used for this look were formal, it’s easy to substitute the bow tie and shirt for even a classic white v-neck t-shirt and necklace and still look fashion forward for a casual night.

If you look at the bottom of my pant leg you can see that I’ve slightly turned up the bottom. The Fall/ Winter 2011 men's runway shows have shown multiple looks with outfits with turned up pant legs and thick knitted printed socks underneath. Due to it still being a tad warm I decided I wasn't going to break out the socks just yet but I thought this was an interesting detail that designers and stylist were incorporating.   

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  1. Looks like I need to find a Varsity jacket for Winter now :) , Great Post!