Monday, 19 December 2011

What Not To Wear - Mr. Cavaliere Edition

On a daily basis I witness many men making big style mistakes with there wardrobe choices and I thought it would be a good idea to do a little what not to wear for men! 

1. Oversized clothing

This has to be one of the most common fashion mistakes out there. There is a statistic that proves that North American men wear their clothes one to two sizes too big. Then we wonder why European men always look so dapper. This is one of the easiest things to correct and once it is you will automatically not look as sloppy. 

2. Jeans with too much going on/ "Dad" jeans

There is a fine line on what a fashionable jean is and what it isn’t. First off if your denim looks like your father wore it when he was young then why would you? Secondly if your denim has rhinestones, pictures, or heavy fades don’t wear them. The reason being is you will be sounding the douche bag alarm with your denim and will look like your still in high school.    

3. Over buttoning 

A lot of menswear items have buttons and things to fasten them on to your body; this doesn't mean you need to do up all of them! When wearing a two button blazer only do up the top button if you’re wearing a three button blazer button the top one or the top two. To be honest the only time I really button up my blazers is when there is a picture being taken. With cardigans and vests when worn formally button up all the buttons except for the last one. This will allow your belt buckle to have a spot in your outfit.   

4. Tie to long or short

This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves! If you are wearing a tie please make it the right length. The point of your tie should be just touching your belt buckle. NO LONGER NO SHORTER! Another small pet peeve I have is when your collar isn’t all the way down in the back and you can see you tie popping out. It’s all about the details!
5. Wearing athletic gear when you not going to the gym/playing a sport

You’re not a child anymore and laziness to dress yourself sometimes is a challenge but really how long does it take you to put on real clothing. In the pictures above you can see Mike "the situation" from Jersey Shore a common criminal of wearing athletic gear. As I said in a previous post you look like a slob when you wear these clothes outside of a physical activity so why do it? 

6. Sagging pants

Sagging your pants was adopted from the United States prison system where belts are prohibited. Belts are sometimes prohibited to keep prisoners from using them as weapons or in committing suicide by hanging themselves. The style was later popularized by hip hop artists in the 1990s. Enough said. 

7. Big logos

Why do people find it appealing to be walking billboards for companies? Are you paying them for your clothing or are they paying you because they’re getting free advertising. If you want to show off a brand be subtle it works best and most high end brands don’t even have big logos on their clothes, but color palettes or designs that are iconic to their brand identity.  

8. Boot cut/Relaxed fit pants


If you are stuck in the 70s and the 80s then this trend is for you but if your apart of the 21st century try something a bit slimmer. Getting your clothing to fit properly is one of the best things you can do to your look and people will notice. 

9. Super skinny items

Although I say it is important to have things tapered and fitted there are always those people who go to the extreme. When you wear items that are too tight you only end up looking like a teenage girl. The lesson here is being tapered but not tight.    

10. Cheap Suits/ Tuxedos

There cheap so you look cheap. There also very standard and there really isn’t anything eye catching about you suit/tuxedo. Style is all about expressing you self in your clothes if you look like everyone else how is that going to work?
11. Trying to hard

This is usually very common in people in their late teens to early 20s when they discover they want to be fashion forward but don’t know how to put it together properly. They then jumble all the things they thought were cool into one look. A tip to save these people is to be simple, contemporary, and add some personal flare.

12. Not dressing for the weather 

No matter what there are always those people who don’t know how to transition from season to season. It’s the guy who is wearing shorts in the fall because it’s still 10 degrees Celsius outside. To avoid this go by what you body tells you. If you’re cold through on a thin knit sweater, if you’re freezing through on a chunkier knitted sweater etc. 

13. White athletic socks/shoes

The picture says it all.
14. "Man-lights" 

There is only a very few men who can pull this off effectively and look cool, your probably not that man and neither am I.

15. Canada goose jackets

I know many of you Canada goose jacket owners are going to be offended by this but I liked to know why you bought it! There are two possible answers to this question. First answer and probably the most common, is that there really warm and have a silky inside. Second answer is more correct and its because everyone else has one I want one. As I said before style is all about expressing yourself in your clothing and showing your character, what are you showing if you are wearing the exact same thing as everyone else? Another question I have is do you really need a jacket that warm? I feel it’s exceedingly insulated as well as too expensive. If you have the money to afford one of these you’re most likely not going to be outside for long!

16. Matching pocket square and tie

The only time that a matching your pocket square to your tie is allowed is when it is for some sort of function that you need these things to match, for example a wedding. Your pocket square should compliment what you’re wearing and add something to your overall outfit.  

17. "Man-dels"

People have been debating this for years. Personally I feel that some guys can pull off fashion forward sandals, I can’t and not willing to try. I’m specifically talking about wearing sandals and/or flip flops somewhere other than the beach or someone’s pool. These items just don’t look proper with whatever you wear. 

18. Putting the collar of your shirt outside your blazer

It’s no longer the 80s, you’re not going to go out to dance disco so bring that collar away from your shoulders and towards your neck! 

19. White tie, black shirt, white belt, white shoes, white suspenders combo

Just because your girlfriend says something looks good doesn’t mean she knows what she’s talking about. The only item you should have out of these 4 is a black shirt. If you have any others please donate them to someone graduating elementary school or keep them for Halloween for your mobster costume. 

20. Jersey wearing

Jerseys are meant for three simple things: 1. Wearing them to the sporting event itself. 2. When playing the sport you decide today you are going to be Lebron James so you put on his Cavaliers uniform on because you don't want to support the Miami Heat. 3. You’re at home or at a cottage and decide why not no one’s going to see me. If you fall into one of these three categories then continue what you’re doing, if not then put it away until your team wins the championship!  
21. Socks and sandals

 Everyone knows how much I love man-dals from #17 but now let us add socks to the equation. Enough said.
22. The "Guido" sunglasses

There are many types of Guido sunglasses and "Guidos" love wearing them in all facets of their life. Some being during the day, at night, in the club, and many other times that have nothing to do with sunlight or require the use of protection from harmful light. If you are one of these people and your eye-wear looks anything like the pictures above say to yourself "do I really think I am cool?"

23. Tucking you pants into your socks 

There are only two good reasons why you should tuck your pants into your socks. First reason, you are wearing high-tops boots and there isn’t a really good way to rest the end of your tailored pant. You also want to show off the new thick knitted wool socks you just bought. Second reason you are in a minor flood and you don’t want to roll up your pants. If you are tucking your pants into your socks for any other reason then you my friend need to re-read 1-22 again! 

Feel free to add your comments to the bottom of the page and also remember that this is my fashion forward opinion on men's fashion mistakes! 

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere


  1. good post, except i disagree with 5,15, and 20.

  2. i want "Man-Lights" dammm that shit turns me on!

  3. As an aspiring athletic therapist/physiotherapist/personal trainer...I gotta disagree with #5, sweats are just the best invention ever, and I'm in them everyday.

  4. lol, so funny post!
    I always wonder can't they make White athletic shoes prttier...?

  5. That was amazing. Keep doing you!

  6. Agree with most, some of the celeb looks are done on purpose tho to sell themselves or promote brands ie. 50 cent has a clear intent or tribute to that old collar out "scarface" style and most likely will always wear stuff that reps hip-hop culture.

    But I must say you need to look at all the good styles as great for now maybe not timeless. Your suit style/dress clothes all over the blog are awesome but I mean some our the pants u have on are far past the line of too skinny. And the curved top/more retro sunglasses are in a very small window of "cool" right now and I'd bet 6 months from now will be as goofy looking as Ed hardy everything.

    But otherwise looking good, thx for spreading the style!