Monday, 30 January 2012

Military Inspiration on Menswear - The Camo Bomber

One of the biggest influences that military style has had on menswear is army camo.  The trend came into fashion when the U.S invaded Iraq and in turn designers began incorporating the green, black, and brown pattern into their looks and collections. Besides the classic pattern, others have been created using a number of colour combinations. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of both the original camo print, as well as the military bomber (as mentioned in Part 1).  With that being said, I found a piece that incorporated both elements in one! 

I decided to put together two looks styled with the camo bomber.

Look 1: Business Casual 

Camo bomber - Le Chateau 

Tip: Don't be afraid to mix formal elements with causal pieces!  Not only will it add visual appeal, but it gives you’re look a more relaxed feel. 
Grey waistcoat and matching trouser - Le Chateau 

White tailored dress shirt - Le Chateau 
Black and green silk varsity tie - Thrifted  

 Tip: Even if it’s small, I always like to compliment the main colour of my
outfit with my accessories.  It ties the outfit together!  

Black wingtip dress lace ups- Calvin Klein 

Look 2: Semi Casual

Beige slim chinos - Forever 21 
Brown leather belt - (gift) 
Grey casual button up shirt - Le Chateau  
Plaid grey and brown tweed skinny tie - Aldo Accessories 
Silver skinny tie bar - Le Chateau 

Tip: add a tie clip on whenever you’re just wearing a shirt and tie. Even if the look is casual, wearing a clip is functional and it’s the perfect little detail. 

Tip: When dressing a shirt and tie casually try to go with informal fabrications. Choose a shirt that doesn’t have the same collar interfacing as a more formal shirt. For the tie, try something skinnier and something other than silk. My recommendations for tie fabric would be cotton, tweed, and also wool (especially for winter!)

Beige, brown, and maroon printed socks - Forever 21
Chestnut brown brogues - Thrifted    

Tip:  Wearing statement socks is one way to add a little something extra that has a huge impact.  Statement socks should be a colour or have a pattern that stands out from the rest of what you’re wearing.  If you want to develop great style, it’s all in the details!

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere

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  1. The Camo Bomber looks nice. Military style can be a formal outfit too. Anyway, thanks for sharing those pictures.

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