Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Return of the Turtleneck

One piece that made the biggest return this fall/winter was the turtleneck.  The number of designers incorporating this piece was unbelievable!  The turtleneck trend also gained popularity because of exposure gained from the death of Steve Jobs.  Although he only wore a mock neck, the publicity brought about by his death meant that his iconic “turtlenecked” look was seen all over the world.  Below are some pictures from the runway:

                                    Cavali                                       Hermès                           Maison Martin Margiela                  Ralph Lauren 

 Throughout history, turtlenecks have been a sign of wealth and intelligence.  From the 19th century onwards, the traditional turtleneck was commonly worn by menial labourers, athletes, sailors and naval officers.  By the mid 20th century, philosophers, artists and intellectuals adopted the look.  With public figures in Europe and North America endorsing the  look, the humble turtleneck became a staple piece. 

With the youth movement of the 60’s however, the classic turtleneck became too “classic” and too much like what the older, traditional, backwards generations wore.  Recently though, the turtleneck has made a comeback with a new, updated look.  With a finer gauge and more tailored look, the turtleneck has once again become a men’s fashion staple.

Below are three looks I styled that incorporate a fine gauge turtleneck:

Look 1: 

Black patent wingtip loafers - Thrifted  
Black and grey small polka dotted socks - Winners 

Black fine gauge turtleneck - Le Chateau
Grey and black plaid waist coat - Le Chateau 
Grey trousers - Le Chateau   
Black double breasted trench coat - H&M

Tip: Dont want to wear and shirt and tie why not try out the turtleneck, still has the formality but without all the work.

Look 2:

Blue acid wash jeans - H&M
Navy cable knitted shawl cardigan - H&M
Charcoal fine gauge turtleneck - Le Chateau 

What is fine gauge? Fine gauge refers to the size of the yarn in a sweater, more specifically the number of stitches per inch of fabric. A fine gauge stitch has a higher number of needles and inturn means the yarn is thinner and the final product is less bulky.

Navy loafers - (Purchased in Milan)
Grey polka dotted socks - Winners  

Tip: If you want to look like a dapper Italian man try this look out! it has a casual feel with the acid wash denim but has preppy pieces like the loafer and the cable knit cardigan.  

Look 3: 

 Lime& Orange Paisley pocket square - Le Chateau

 Army green chinos - H&M
Chocolate brown Corduroy Blazer - Forever 21 (as featured here)

Cognac brown wingtip boots - H&M 

Tip: Punch up your outfit with a pocket square that ties into your look but doesn't match it identically.  

Now that you have seen a couple looks, go out and invest in a neutral colored turtleneck and watch how it expands your wardrobe! 

Yours Truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere 


  1. Hey man, your style is quite nice. I like all of the sweaters and blazers, but the black turtle neck and those sock with the loafers look is superb!

    Stay Classy,