Friday, 17 February 2012

Prints, Linen, and Navy – Summer Wedding Style

At work, I've had to style the new spring collections that are coming in (although it’s snowing outside!) and was asked to make a look that someone could wear for a summer wedding. Below is what I put together:

All items can be purchased at Le Chateau

For this look I decided that I was going to use a three piece linen-wool blend suit. Firstly, I thought this kind of suit would be appropriate because weddings are usually very formal events. The type of suit also gives you the option of going blazer-less at the reception because you will still have the waist coat to keep your shirt looking tidy and tucked in. Secondly, I chose a linen suit because its a light fabric that keeps you cool. The great thing about this particular suit is that it has some wool in it. Linen on it’s own tends to wrinkle rather easily, but with the wool blend, this suit stays wrinkle free. Lastly, choosing a suit in a light grey colour will help keep the wearer sweat free as grey tends to be a colour that best repels the sun.

One of the major trends I noticed in the Spring/Summer 2012 collections back in September was prints, so for the shirt I decided to use this blue and white printed shirt. Because it’s a summer wedding, chances are the temperature is going to be quite warm and the last thing you want on in hot weather is a thick tie! For this reason I chose a knit tie. I find knit ties are a bit more breathable than silk and they also create fun summer time feeling, which is what weddings are all about!

To complete the look, I decided to use a white paisley pocket square. I used "the puff" style for this occasion because it makes more of a statement and keeps with theme of fun and celebration. I also kept the shirt and tie in the same color scheme, which I talked about here! As always, thanks for reading!

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   Mr. Cavaliere      

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