Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blue loafers and Italian Inspiration

Hey guys, 

Here's a couple of the pictures that were taken for the old blog banner shoot:
Slim heather grey cotton suit - Le Chateau 
Navy cotton knitted pocket square - Thrifted 
For the banner, I wanted a look that not only reflected the colours and feel of the logo, but was both timeless and innovative.
Navy and white silk polka dotted tie - Givenchy 
Sliver tie clip - Le Chateau 

This summer I was privileged enough to experience Italy for the first time. As I walked the streets of Milano and Firenze, I always kept a look out for the dapper men of the city. I was especially inspired by the way Italian businessmen paired there suits with their footwear. Most of the suits I saw were linen or cotton blends because of the summer heat. When it came to footwear, however, the Italians opted for a deck loafer (such as the one I am wearing below) over a traditional oxford or wingtip. Also, most of these men, no matter the time of day or occasion, chose to go sockless. This is something you seldom see in North America; I know I personally had never thought to try a sockless suit look myself.  But seeing all those well-dressed Italian men inspired me to try it out. 
Navy deck loafers - (store in Milano) 
For this shoot I chose a slim heather grey cotton suit, a blue and white pinstriped dress shirt, a navy and white silk polka dotted tie, a sliver tie clip, a blue cotton knitted pocket square, and, of course, navy deck loafers
I hope you like the new changes to the site! Street style pictures coming soon! 

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere 


  1. Mr. Cavaliere i just love your style and you are too cute!
    I would love to know you more someday and i hope you are straight lol sorry no offense to anyone else

  2. This looks great! Amazing choice of colours.
    Hope that you´re having a great day.


  3. Dear Mr. Cavaliere, I really like the polka dot tie. How can I get one?

    Thank you.

    Muhammad Salim

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