Friday, 16 March 2012

St Patrick's Day Style Featuring Joseph Lancione

This Saturday is the one day a year when everyone gets to be Irish for a day!  St. Patrick’s Day is filled with shamrocks, partying, and green beer; so to get everyone in the celebrating mood, my good friend Joseph Lancione and I have put together a style guide on how to dress with Irish cheer! I hope this guide will give you some ideas on how to look stylish in a sea of green and not turn out looking like a leprechaun! 

St Patrick’s Day Business:

Not everyone gets the day off, and some of us have to handle business. Here’s how to bring some St. Patrick’s Day spirit to your business look!  
Tip: As the spring starts to come into full bloom the heat of summer will follow and the fabrication of your clothing has to change with as well. Try out a cotton or linen blend suit on those warmer days and you'll be looking good and cool in the heat!
Black and white polka dotted pocket square - Le Chateau 
Slim cotton heather grey suit - Le Chateau
light grey slim dress shirt - H&M
Army green varsity printed skinny tie - Zara 
Hunter green v-neck sweater - H&M
Black wingtip lace ups - Calvin Klein 

Waiting for the big night: 

If you’re lucky enough to have the day off, a suit definitely isn’t required but a touch of green is! Why not try out a green pant like Joseph in the photos below:

Tip: Never leave a good pocket unused! As seen here !
Lime green and orange pocket square - Le Chateau
white "Los angles" v-neck t-shirt - Zara
Back and white glen plaid unconstructed blazer - Zara   
                                              Slim kelly green chino's - Zara                                                                    

Tip: When your look is casual don't be afraid to roll up the sleeve of your blazer. This gives your look a more relaxed feel  and turns your formal blazer into a casual throw-over. Also If you want to wear a blazer but don't want to pair it with a shirt and tie, why not try a v-neck t-shirt!                                
Tip: When wearing such a bold color in trouser like Joseph, try to keep the rest of your clothing quite subtle. If you try and pair coordinating colors you are going to end up looking like the green giant! 
White espadrilles - Tom's
Gold aviator sunglasses - Le Chateau 

Hitting the Bar: 

Getting ready for the big night and don’t know what to wear? Why not try something like this: 

I call this look St. Patrick's Day meets the 90's!  
Chocolate brown plimsolls - Urban outfitters 
Tip: If you read my last (post) then you should know if you want to be dapper its all about the small details! Go sockless and show off some ankle, it will make your legs look leaner and you'll be perceived as taller!
Slim army green chino's - H&M
plaid green and brown casual button up - Le Chateau 
 Tip: Be liberal with your cologne. With all that green beer making the rounds, the last thing you want is to smell like the day after St. Patrick’s.
Rusty brown leather motorcycle jacket - H&M 
Green Vintage Yankee's limited edition snap back - Thrifted  
Tip: One trend that has been huge among teenagers is the 90's snap back caps. Im not a big fan of caps of any sort but if I was to wear one it would have to be this vintage Yankee's limited edition one!

Brown and black camouflage wayfarers - Le Chateau

 Last but not least, if you look like the photo below please re-read this post because you missed something somewhere.  
Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! 

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere   

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  1. That snapback is wicked.
    Joe you look so cute! Love the outfit - love the pocket square and chinos.