Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Rainy Day Style Guide

Spring is finally coming into full bloom, which means the rainy season has also arrived! It’s time for our wardrobes to move from warm and cozy to light and water resistant. With this in mind, I have put together a guide to help you stay dry but keep you looking good for any inclement weather no matter the occasion.  

The Light Weight Anorak/ Fisherman Jacket 
I have always been a strong believer in fashion that is still functional, and the lightweight anorak is just that piece. The coat was initially designed for fishermen to withstand the wind and rain while on the water. Complete with hood and various ways to tighten the jacket, the water-resistant anorak is the perfect piece to be worn casually (such as the images above and below) and formally, as an extra layer to keep your suit, shirt, and tie dry.

Navy light weight hooded anorak - H&M
Blue acid washed slim leg jeans - H&M
Navy deck loafers - Store in Milan
Tip: Fashion is a lot like telling a story. Since I'm wearing a fisherman’s jacket, I decided to keep the look very blue and nautical to keep with the theme. I also chose deck shoes, which add to the nautical vibe. 
Navy shawl collared cardigan - Le Chateau 
Light grey slim dress shirt - H&M 

Tip: Because the jacket is so lightweight, I chose to pair the jacket with a navy shawl cardigan for some extra warmth and visual interest.

The Mac Coat 
Another functional yet fashionable rainy day staple is the mac coat, or as some like to call it, the single breasted trench. This particular 3/4 mac has a cotton polyester blend water-repellent shell, and it came with a removable quilted inner piece for those chillier days. As with the anorak, the mac is an easy piece to dress up or down. Substitute the shirt and tie for a turtleneck (as seen hereor even a v-neck sweater and shirt; the possibilities are endless!    
Auburn wingtip lace ups - Thrifted 
Tip: When going out in the wet stuff, try and go for a shoe that can play the part. You want a shoe that is well made so when you step in that puddle your feet don’t get soaked! If you want to get really specific, go for a shoe with a rubber sole. Rubber is water repellent, which means your feet stay dry.
Tip: Part of having amazing style is mastering the smallest details. Pop the collar of your mac and show those details!                 
White and brown printed dress shirt - Le Chateau 
Chocolate brown cotton tie - Thrifted
Tip: I am a big fan of mixing pattern and texture but it can be a tough skill to wrap your head around. When it comes to multiple patterns and textures, keep your colors in the same family, always make the shirt your lightest piece and go from there. If you buy a patterned shirt and it has a hint of white in it your on the right track!
Beige and brown plaid 3/4 length mac coat - Le Chateau
Dark brown leather belt - Le Chateau 
Dark brown slim dress pant - H&M 
Tip: As always make sure your jacket is tapered. There are a lot of coats with very loose, or regular fits; a tapered one will make you look slim and sleek.
Silver skinny tie clip - Le Chateau 
Tip: When purchasing a tie clip always be sure of one thing: the tie clip should always be smaller than the actual tie!

The Trench Coat

As you may already know, I am a big believer in fashion history and masculine menswear. The trench coat is one of those pieces that just exemplifies how I see menswear. Probably the most formal of all the jackets I’ve shown, traditional trenches are double breasted, have a large collar, and a belt. During WWI, the trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy wool coats worn by British and French soldiers. During the 50s, the once wartime jacket was commonly worn as an overcoat over a suit and became a staple piece of the businessman’s uniform. For this rainy day look, I decided to put together a modern version of the 50s businessman look.      
Black wing tip loafers - Thrifted 
Slim charcoal grey cotton suit - Le Chateau 
White spread collar dress shirt - Le Chateau
Black and grey paisley tie - Le Chateau 
Tip: When your outfit consists of multiple solids, a pattern is a way to make a statement without being too bold. Why not try a black and grey paisley tie like the one I am wearing above! 
Black doubled breasted 3/4 length trench coat - H&M
Tip: When it comes to style in the work place, it’s all about silhouette and muted colors. Due to the serious nature of business, colors tend to be darker and more muted. If you want to make an impression without looking too crazy, go for items that fit your body really well. Make friends with your tailor, as they will be the key to keeping your look slim, tapered and put together.  
Epaulets (as seen above) also come from wartime style. They were on the uniforms of soldiers and in some places represented class or authority. 
Black leather belt - Le Chateau

Last but not least your most essential rainy day piece is an umbrella! (Stupidly I forgot to shoot myself with one!) Personally, I think something in grey or black is your go to color because it offers versatility and longevity.

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere

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