Monday, 10 September 2012

How a Poker Player Dresses Impacts How they Are Perceived

I'm sure that some of you out there follow poker in some fashion whether you watch it on TV or actually play.  Successful poker players know the importance of setting up a strong table image and using your overall table image as an advantage.  However, did you know that what you wear at the poker table can affect how players perceive you?  Let's take a quick look at a few examples.
Look at the image above.  If you saw this guy sit down at the table, what would you think about him.  You might think he was somewhat of a conservative, especially if this person was a bit older.  Odds are that this guy will not make too many big bluffs and play a somewhat solid style of cards.  Not someone you will be too worried about. 
How about this guy?  This guy is dressing to show off his own style and projects a "devil may care" type of attitude.  He gives off the vibe that he may be a bit of a wild card and will play just about anything.  Chances are that your read would be spot on and that this guy will indeed be involved in a lot of hands and will play just about any two cards dealt to him.  As long as he isn't one of these young guys with a chip on their shoulder or bad attitude, they should be a lot of fun to play with. 
If you saw this guy sit down, some of you may lean towards him being a bit like the loose player.  However, at closer examination he gives off more of a Steve McQueen type vibe or maybe a modern day Fonzie.  This guys is cool and looks like he has his stuff together.  Chances are that this guy will be among your most difficult opponents at the table and he will be able to adjust to any of the players he faces.

By and large, you will notice that poker players' behavior and playing style will match the clothes they wear.  However, there is one category where this does not always apply. 
Yes ladies, we are calling you out but in a good way.  The ladies have learned over the years how to manipulate people, including how they dress.  What a lady wears to the table will not often indicate how they play as they may dress how they do for a myriad of reasons.  Unlike guys, they have more on their minds than just being comfortable.  The lady in this picture looks like she could be a wild woman, but actually may be the biggest poker shark at the table.  Often, you cannot go by how a lady dresses to determine how they play.

As you can see from above, what you wear to the poker table can affect how players perceive you.  Knowing this, you can actually use this to your advantage and maybe experiment with your wardrobe to try and fool players into thinking your style of play is something other than what it is perceived.

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