Friday, 14 September 2012

The Unconstructed Glen Check Blazer

One of the most popular trends seen the past couple of seasons has been relaxed tailoring and unconstructed suiting. Unconstructed suiting has no lining, no harsh interfacing, no shoulder padding, and is usually made of cottons and linens because of its casual nature. In fact, unconstructed suiting is actually more difficult to construct than regular suiting because of the jacket's exposed lining and visible imperfections. 

This type of suiting is perfect for more casual occasions and, since it's lighter weight, it will keep you cooler on those warmer days. To give you an idea of what an unconstructed blazer looks like, I put together an outfit with my glen check version! 

TIP: I am always talking about how much of my inspiration comes from traditional and classic gentlemen like my grandfather. In the photo above, I have on a club collared shirt and a rounded lapel that my grandfather would definitely approve of. Yes the fit is very different than what he was used to, but it's about using even the smallest classic details to make a wonderful modern look!

Unconstructed cotton glen check blazer - Zara
White club collar dress shirt - Le chateau 
Glen check skinny tie - H&M
Black coated cotton denim - Zara 

White paisley
 handkerchief - Le Chateau 
TIP: When wearing in a handkerchief don't put too much emphasis on how it sits in the pocket. When you fix your handkerchief to be too perfect, it ends up looking stiff and over done. Throw in it your pocket and forget about it! 
TIP: Wearing an unconstructed blazer feels a lot like wearing a casual sweater. Think of it this way when deciding what to pair with it and don't be afraid to dress it down! My shirt and tie could have easily been swapped for a t-shirt and this still would have been an awesome look. Click here for a casual look on my good friend Joseph Lancione!   

Black wingtips lace ups - Calvin Klein

Yours truly, 

   Mr. Cavaliere

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